Products & Services

Paging remains the fastest, simplest and most reliable method of sending important information to large numbers of recipients at the same time. It is reliable, cost effective, and efficient. With extensive coverage, PageNet has the only paging network focused solely on mobile messaging. We offer an array of products and services to meet the communication needs of both public and private sector organizations including Law Enforcement services, EMS, Enterprise, and Government.

Today’s paging and wireless messaging devices are much more sophisticated. They are much less intrusive than cellular phones, and unlike many cellular messages the paging network design allows paging messages to be delivered without network delays. Due to the ‘multi-casting’ technology, paging devices usually work in areas and buildings where cellular devices do not. Most importantly, only paging allows for multiple users to be paged at exactly the same time, making communication for emergency crews highly effective with this ‘One to Many’ capability.

Customers today combine these unique attributes to use paging and wireless messaging systems for various needs from emergency notifications and security services to corporate and even personal communications.