Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is PageNet?

A: PageNet is Canada’s largest wireless messaging company. We are a Canadian company who owns and operates its own digital, wireless, nationwide network. We provide service to customers across Canada. We consult with companies on their communication methods and create custom solutions for them that use our wireless network and products to stay in touch. Please refer to the Solutions page for more information on the various solutions for industry.
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Q: How does a pager work?

A: Think of a pager as a compact radio receiver. When a caller wants to send a message to a paging subscriber, the message (return number or text message) is sent to the paging device in several ways:

  • directly from the caller’s phone
  • from an operator who has transcribed a message
  • from the voice mail system where the caller recorded a message
  • using special paging software on their PC
  • via an Internet E-mail
  • through PageNet’s web site
  • from a Two-Way wireless messaging product

In each case, the message is received at PageNet’s paging terminal. When your friends, family or associates call your pager number, they are actually calling this terminal. The message is digitized via computer, sent up to a satellite and back down to the transmitters in the area of the subscriber’s coverage. This signal is then sent out from the transmitters – the pager acts as a receiver – “hearing” only the messages that are meant for it. The device then displays the message.
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Q: If wireless phones are becoming so inexpensive, why might someone also need a pager?

A: This is a common question that can be answered with another question. Why does anyone need e-mail if they also have a phone at their desk or home? The answer is familiar to anyone who relies on both tools. Sometimes we only need a simple alert, a short message, or an exchange of information. Sometimes callers want to share information or ask a question, but you do not want to have a conversation at that time. Wireless messaging products keep us connected unobtrusively – even in a meeting, at a restaurant, in a theater – wherever we chose to be reached.

Wireless messaging provides additional advantages over cell phones. However, many of our users carry both types of devices and utilize both products efficiently!

  • Our Paging products have a longer battery life.
  • Our Paging network provide more extensive geographic coverage
  • Our narrow band signals penetrate buildings better, so you can receive and send messages from a basement or an interior conference room.
  • Paging products are typically smaller, lighter and easier to use.

Q: Why should I choose PageNet?

A: PageNet is Canada’s largest wireless messaging company with over 275,000 customers. PageNet offers the broadest and most extensive coverage of any wireless provider. Our people make the difference too, providing exceptional sales assistance and customer service. After the sale, your only contact with your wireless company may be your monthly bill and occasional customer service – so choose a company known for quality, stability and leadership. We value your business and take very seriously the responsibility our customers place in us to deliver their important messages.
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Q: With so many prices and options, how can I determine the device I need and the service plan that will be right for me?

A: More selection means more choices for you and we realize the array of options can be confusing. PageNet representatives are available to discuss your needs, and a guide at this site can also aid in narrowing the choices based on your answers to a few simple questions.

Just consider your own needs and three decisions: type of service, coverage area and options.
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Q: Are you a teenager or the parent of a teenager?

A: Consider a text product. Parents may need to send specific messages to teens: Dad will pick you up at 4:00; Meet us at the restaurant; or is everything OK? If you choose to lease your pager, be sure to ask for the Pager Protection Plan (PPP). You pay a low monthly fee, which ensures a minimum replacement cost if your pager is damaged or lost.
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Q: Do you have local coverage, but miss messages when you travel occasionally?

A: You need Scheduled Roaming, a service plan that allows you to have access to other coverage areas when you travel. With Scheduled Roaming, you may switch your local service to PageNet’s local coverage area at your destination – then switch back when you return home, as often as you like. It’s like nationwide coverage on demand! (Coming Soon)

You should also consider PageMail voice mail service, a custom greeting to give a personal message to your callers and a toll-free number so that your callers from outside the local area code may reach you at no charge to them.
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Q: Will you use your pager mostly for work?

A: You should look at our Motorola PF1500, a text product that works on the PageNet advanced messaging network. With this product you can leave the coverage area or turn your pager off and the system will store your messages for up to a week. The PF1500 will then deliver the messages when you return to a coverage area or turn the device back on. Local, regional and nationwide coverage are available – a key decision if you travel in your job.

A variety of options make messaging easier for you and your callers: PageMail voice mail service, a custom greeting and a toll-free pager number.
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Q: Are you away from your office frequently, at meetings around town or traveling several days per month?

A: Your life will be simpler with PageNet Two-Way or Interactive Messaging product. With these innovative options, you have the capability to send and receive Internet e-mail, send messages to other text pagers and also receive numeric and text messages. When you receive a text message sent from an e-mail address or from a colleague’s Two-Way or Interactive Paging Product, you can send a message back. There’s no need to search for a phone or increase unnecessary costs on your cell phone. You can quick note on the mini-keyboard, or forward the message to any E-mail address anywhere. An address book holds your contacts and a variety of add-on programs are available to customize your service.
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Q: What services are offered online?

A: Online services offered through our website include the following:

  • My Account WebTouch service, which allows you to view account statements, process device activations and exchanges, view an inventory report, etc.
  • Email billing request, where you can opt to receive an email of your bill instead of a mailed paper copy.
  • Send A Message, which will allow you to send a message to a pager directly from our website

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Q: I am a doctor. How do I know if my employer has an Employee Purchase Plan to support my communication needs?

A: PageNet can assist you directly with your communication needs under an Employee Purchase Plan.  Simply email your name and employer information to and a PageNet representative will be in touch with you.
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Q: I have a Buzz Prepaid package.  How will I know if my Buzz Prepaid service is going to expire?

A: A numeric message will be sent to your pager 10 days before the expiry of your airtime package. When you call this number, a message will remind you that you have 10 days left before your airtime plan expires.

A second numeric message is sent to your pager 2 days before the expiry of your airtime package. Back to top

Q: How do I reload my Buzz pager?

A: To avoid any interruption of service and loss of your pager number, please go to your local retailer or call 1-866-311-PAGE to purchase a new prepaid card. Back to top

Q: I am conscious about the environment.  Does PageNet support “green” initiatives?

A: PageNet cares about the environment and are constantly looking for ways to minimize our environmental footprint.  All batteries and defective parts are sent to a recycling facility that specializes in the recycling and safe disposal of electronic parts, while quality working parts are reused wherever possible.  PageNet also offers online accounts services and Email billing as a means to cut down on paper waste.Back to top