About Us

Paging Network of Canada Inc. (PageNet) is Canada’s leading wireless messaging carrier.  PageNet utilizes the most advanced technology, with Public Safety grade digital control systems and high speed satellite linked network facilities across the country.

This significant technological advantage, combined with our expertise in customizing solutions for our customers, has earned PageNet the proud position of being the key supplier for most of Canada’s largest Healthcare groups, First Responders, Law Enforcement agencies, Public Safety organizations, government agencies and top Enterprise companies.

Our philosophy is simple:  we provide the highest quality products, service and coverage at the best price.  We are proud to have built our business by providing a level of service that remains unsurpassed in the industry.  Our network is clearly the most advanced in Canada and provides the most efficient, accurate and prompt delivery of messages with superior in-building penetration and network capacity.  With the broadest and deepest coverage on a single frequency, we have the ability to customize coverage to meet the requirements of our customers.  Looking forward, we continue to invest in and expand its messaging portfolio with new products and solutions.

At Pagenet, we continue to focus on the development, enhancement, and support of our messaging solutions and we are committed to providing the Best Network, Best Coverage and Best Price!!

PageNet cares about the environment

From email Billing to day to day recycling, we are constantly looking at ways to minimize our environmental footprint. PageNet has its own repair department at the center of its operations.  All quality working parts are reused where possible, while defective parts are sent to a recycling facility that specializes in the recycling and safe disposal of electronic parts.  Batteries are also disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.