Sectors & Solutions

One of our key philosophies is to listen and respond creatively.  Given the opportunity to work with our clients on a particular opportunity, we will leverage the combined expertise of our network engineering, network operations and senior management support to create a unique, customized solution.

A key example would be our Response! Network.  One of our customers is a regional group of hospitals who had maintained their own in house paging network for a number of years.  The network was in a state that required significant upkeep by hospital personnel.  The hospital’s management teams’ assessment of this activity, while necessary, was that it did not directly support the objectives of patient healthcare.  Further, the management team did not feel that an in-source solution provided the best risk protection against an inevitable failure.

To respond to this strategic issue, PageNet’s solution was to combine the best aspects of a private network for critical code paging with the modern technology of a wide area network.  PageNet delivered the design and a testing platform to prove the concept in record time and have ultimately deployed this state of the art system successfully to over 30 hospitals in Canada.  The breakeven for deployment is typically under twelve months, risk protection has been dramatically enhanced and the end users are happier with the system.  The solution met all of the key objectives of the senior management team.

This is only one example of the creative approach that PageNet embraces.  Call us today to discuss your unique situation and let us customize a solution for your organization.

Health Care

As Canada’s leading paging provider for the health care industry, PageNet understands the demands for reliable and cost effective communication solutions. We provide unparalleled paging and paging related
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First Responders EMS & Fire

In life threatening situations where there is no margin for error, every second counts. First Responders such as Emergency Medical Services and Fire Services rely heavily on their
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Education / School Boards

Some of the largest School Boards and Universities in Canada look to PageNet to provide reliable, cost-effective, and user friendly messaging solutions. Our standard and custom made solutions assist our
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Public Safety & Government

PageNet has acquired a broad base of experience in servicing all levels of government and law enforcement accounts and have established a standing offer to authorized government agencies and organizations
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Enterprise / Corporate

At PageNet we make staying connected simple and affordable by offering both traditional one-way paging and advanced two-way messaging solutions to meet your corporate communications needs. With
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Response! Network

Hospitals are moving away from overhead paging for Code and Stat alerts, evolving into a ‘Quiet Hospital’. The reasons are both to minimize patient disruption but also to adhere to stricter privacy
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FindMe! AVL Tracking Solution

Do you find yourself wondering where your vehicles are? Do you need to redirect your vehicles to another location for a last minute pickup but don’t know where the nearest truck is? Do you want to
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In today’s busy healthcare environment, restless patients and apprehensive loved ones will often demand your caregiver’s attention, keeping them from their role of providing quality patient care.
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By the year 2020, there will be over 50 billion machines talking wirelessly to each other. PageNet’s wireless data networks provide a reliable and cost efficient means of setting up a secure link
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Software Solutions

Studies have shown that in times of hectic activity or crisis, errors occur at a higher rate than usual.  A number of our clients in healthcare have worked closely with our Network Services division
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