PageMail Commands

Voice-mail Access Commands: Step 1: Dial your pager number from any touch-tone phone
Step 2: Enter “0″ during the greeting
Step 3: Enter your four digit access code
Note: If you need HELP at any time, press the * key.
To retrieve messages: Delete last message

Play newest to oldest

Play oldest to newest

Replay same message

Play all messages

Play time and date Stamp
To record greeting: Record greeting
Starts recording

Stops recording
Playback recording
Enter voice retrieval
To transfer to other modes: Forward message(send a copy to another pager: press 6, enter the other pager number then press # to send)
Play Numeric Messages(use retrieve Messages instructions)
Change security code(press 3, then enter new access code then press# to accept)

* Please note that the “Numeric Retrieval” option is required to play numeric messages.