Unication NP88

  • Top-mount display
  • Capacity of 320 characters
  • Alerts choice
  • Holds up to 16 messages
  • Saves up to 8 locked messages
  • UL Classification: Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D or Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D


  • View messages in low light conditions with a backlight display
  • The standby screen displays the time and date
  • The time and date are displayed even if the pager is turned off
  • When the battery power reaches a low level, a message is displayed to inform you to change the battery
  • All pager alerts are reduced from eight to two seconds


  • If the same message is received more than once a duplicate symbol is displayed at the beginning of the most recent message. This message includes the latest timestamp and prevents a repeated message from taking up additional memory space
  • Messages can be deleted all at once or selectively to free up memory space
  • All messages remain in memory, even when the pager is turned off or during a battery replacement
  • The NP-88 FLEX pager can hold up to 16 messages of 20 characters, for a total of 320 characters
  • You can protect up to 8 messages in memory pager
  • An overflow message is displayed when the number of unread messages / receipts exceeds the memory capacity. After reading all of your new messages, the standby screen will appear
  • The time and date of a received message is displayed on the screen after each message

Indicator and alert

  • The pager alerts automatically stop, even if no buttons are pressed
  • The personal alarm clock can be set as a notification tool. It works even when the pager is turned off
  • The pager emits a shrill sound or vibrates every two minutes as a reminder until you read all of your unread messages
  • A choice of five message alert tones allows you to be notified by audible alert method

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