Multitone / Lone Worker

Private Paging Systems

PageNet is a National Distributor for Multitone Network Systems and Pagers. With Multitone’s 70 year history in the paging business, they have long been the preferred supplier of conventional private paging systems in hospitals, university campuses and manufacturing. PageNet combines the skills and resources of Canada’s largest paging company and leverages it’s Network Operations and Network Engineering teams to provide private network support, design, fault resolution, enhancement, and monitoring on a 24/7 basis. Multitone pagers are offered at extremely competitive rates by PageNet. Contact us today to discuss Private Paging Systems.

Lone Worker Systems

Lone Workers, especially in healthcare and industrial environments, must be monitored to ensure their safety.  The Multitone EkoTek solution from PageNet provides mobile alarm units containing both Worker-Down and Worker-Safe features:  Worker-Down feature detects if the alarm unit is tilted as a result of the worker falling down, and the Worker-Safe feature periodically prompts the worker to press a button on the alarm unit to communicate that the worker is well.  Contact us today to discuss a Lone Worker solution for your organization.

Employee Safety / Distress Alert

Each EkoTek alarm unit has a button that immediately generates an alarm with accurate location information which is sent to a predefined group and central monitoring console, to EkoTek fixed display units, or to an external paging system.  EkoTek\’s 2-way radio allows the EkoTek Pager to be used to receive the alarm and send a message back to the calling alarm unit that assistance is on its way.  Contact us today to discuss an Employee Safety System for your organization.

Patient Location Tracking

Patients carry an EkoTek Call Fob that provides them with the ability to call for assistance as well as provide accurate location tracking information which allows the patient to be easily located.  The call fob will also report the patient location to the Hub as the patient moves around, irrespective of whether the patient has called for assistance.  Anyone wishing to locate the patient simply checks the patient location list displayed on a web browser screen to determine the patient’s location.  Alert perimeters for patient safety can also be established.  Contact us today to discuss a Patient Location Tracking system for your organization.

Two Way Code Messaging

EkoTek’s patented technology provides 2 way radio messaging that allows for both delivery and user response (yes/no) to messages.  The Two Way Code Messaging is an excellent platform for the rapid deployment of teams and monitoring of confirmation responses.  This system is also ideal for task management, receive and respond notifications, and monitoring of work flow. Contact us today to discuss a Two Way Code Messaging System for your organization.